Our desire is to off-set the cost of most (or all) of the evening so that the money raised through ticket sales can go to our organizations. To do this, we need financial donations, sponsorship, and specific supplies. Every little donation is helpful and will ultimately result in us being able to donate larger amounts to these amazing organizations. We are all extremely passionate about this event and are excited to see where it will go, but we can’t do it alone. Please consider donating to our cause; every donation is helpful and extremely appreciated. 

...Wish List...

Below is our wish list for PWAP 2020. If you are at all interested in helping us with our list or in any other way please contact us.  Thank you! 

Raffle Prizes – We need some quality raffle prizes such as sports or concert tickets, gift cards (Amazon, Starbucks, Tim Horton’s, etc), movie tickets, electronics, gift baskets, or anything else that you think a young person would like!

Grocery Store Gift Cards – We have hired a caterer to provide the main course of our meal, but we are responsible for the rest. Grocery store gift cards will help off-set the cost of these other needs and result in a larger percent of ticket revenue going to the organizations.

Baked Goods/Desserts – We will be having a dessert bar as part of our meal and are looking for the majority of the desserts to be donated. If you are interested in donating some baked goods please contact us.

White Twinkle Lights - We are looking for white twinkle lights to use in our decor. If loaning, please label with your last name and we will return them after the event. 

Lights - We are looking for several coloured light projectors or party lights. If loaning, please label with your last name and we will return them after the event. 

Sound Equipment - We need some sound equipment for the night of the event. If you have equipment to loan us, or can give us ideas on where to acquire equipment please contact us.

Sponsor a ticket – Sometimes there are people who want to come out to the event but cannot afford the full price of a ticket. This year we are excited to announce that you can sponsor a ticket (or a portion of one) for a young person to attend PWAP. Our sponsor price is $40, or you can lower the cost for a student by donating $20.

Financial Support– One of our biggest needs is financial support. It costs $4500 to fund one of IJM's rescue missions and our goal is to reach that this year. Financial support will help us cover some of the expenses that goes into an event like this and allows for more money to go to our organizations. Donations can be made towards our expenses or directly to the organizations. (Tax receipts can be discussed for larger donations - contact us for more info). 

Financial Donation

Your financial donation will support organizations that work with victims of human trafficking and help support the awareness and fundraising efforts of PWAP.