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Love is Moving Article

"I knew that God calls His people to seek justice for the oppressed and that I needed to respond. As I entered Grade Twelve, I began to pray that God would break my heart for what breaks His. This is a powerful, daunting prayer, and one that God answered."

IJM: Woman's Day

"Always remember why you started. Remember that initial frustration, those people who you are fighting for, that will be what keeps you going when things get tough. Just keep your feet moving forward and let God be God."


Interview with PWAP

"There’s just such a culture of consumerism that I did not feel comfortable with - it was really frustrating to me. I didn’t know whether this was justified or why I was really feeling that way. But I just knew that something was off, and I started to think about what that meant."

Event Photos

Since 2014, PWAP has hosted 7 gala events! Take a look!